Focus: Ambient Sound Widget

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Focus: Ambient Sound Widget

8 ratings

Find your focus with the soothing ambience sounds. This widget brings the tranquility of the outdoors to your fingertips, with the calming sounds of rain, rustling trees, gently flowing streams and even lofi beats.

Whether you're working, studying, or just need a moment of relaxation, these nature sounds will help you find your inner peace.

This not only helps me focus on my work but also helps me finish it quicker. This widget can be added to any dashboard of yours and you can create an infinite number of remixes.

It is available in both light and dark theme!

The Key points to this widget are

  • Play multiple ambient sounds right from Notion.
  • Add minimal and aesthetic feel to your dashboard.
  • Get your work done faster and with focus
  • No need to search for the right study session background music when you can create your own.
  • The music keeps on playing even if you shift tabs


How to download it?

Click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate the template to your notion.

How to make this template mine?

After downloading and duplicating the template, you can follow the guide to embed the widget in your dashboard.

Still have queries?

Contact me or send feedback on moulshreee@gmail.com

PS. If you are a student and can't pay 7$ - do reach out to me and I would love to offer some discount.

I want this!

You'll get guide to use the widget and both themes.


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