Easy Finance Tracker

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Are you new to your job? Are you a college student? Are you someone who likes organising things?
Well, you don't need to fit in a category in order to manage your finances. What seems like a minimal task can actually turn your financial status upside down.

People who keep a track of their finances are better at spending and saving for the future. It is your first step for being financially intelligent.

This template is simple and contains all properties you require to organise your finances easily. It includes

  1. Multiple account tracking
  2. Calculator widget for quick maintaining
  3. Wishlist section
  4. Reminder tracking for rent/EMI/Bills/Subscriptions
  5. Income tracking
  6. Expense tracking
  7. Doughnut chart of your monthly expenses to analyse your spendings
  8. Monthly views
  9. Detailed Category-wise expense tracking
  10. Payment-wise expense tracking

Extras: Dark theme of the template


How to download it?

Click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate the template to your notion.

Is there any other payment method?
In case you don't have a PayPal or card, you can get the template through UPI, mail me at moulshreee@gmail.com

Still have queries?

Contact me or send feedback on moulshreee@gmail.com

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Easy Finance Tracker

2 ratings
I want this!